Julianne Lambert, a program specialist and career coach, unfortunately faced several layoffs and unforeseen career changes over the past several years. Among her career changes, Julianne was a career coach, helping others build their skills and navigate the job market. When Julianne found herself in need of help making her next career move, she turned to CareerPlace! After becoming a CareerPlace member, Julianne took advantage of all the workshops and resources available to her. As a career coach herself, she knew just how important consistency and perseverance play in the job search.

During her time at CareerPlace, Julianne participated in career coaching with Ildiko M. Schultz. “She really helped build my confidence and practiced interviewing with me and helped me with my resume,” said Julianne. “She was like a cheerleader for me! She found the qualities that I had and was able to support me and put those qualities into words as far interviewing, and that was really helpful.”

Julianne’s determination and her ability to confidently communicate her skills, landed her a sales position at W. W. Grainger in Lake Forest! When providing advice to her fellow job seekers, Julianne said, “Definitely get assistance from CareerPlace. It’s a great support network because you’re with other people who have lost their jobs. It’s a positive atmosphere with the coaches and the people who are teaching the classes know what the latest needs of the workplace are and they teach you what the workforce is looking for.”