Daniel Doherty owned and operated a healthcare staffing and recruiting business for many years until he decided to sell the business and pursue a career in the private sector. As Daniel began this transition, he became a member of CareerPlace and also joined Executive Network Group, a which is more focused on executives in career transition. “I was doing a lot of different things, but wasn’t really getting traction in my job search,” said Daniel. “I knew I needed to take it to another level and try something new.” Daniel began attending CareerPlace’s workshops and networking with his fellow members. “You were constantly with other people who were in the same boat, so it was a great way to interconnect with a lot of different people,” Daniel said.

Of the workshops that Daniel participated in, Strength Finders 2.0 was the most instrumental to his job search. “It brings to the forefront what your strengths are and how to incorporate that into the resume and your interviews,” Daniel said. “It brings that all into focus – finding your strengths and how to portray your strengths through real events.” Another aspect of CareerPlace that Daniel found important was networking and preparing his LinkedIn page. “Using LinkedIn, preparing your LinkedIn page so that it gets found and being consistent and fine-tuning everything was helpful,” said Daniel.

In addition to his participation in the workshops, Daniel also worked with career coach Jim Austgen. “It was helpful to have the one-on-one time and to be able to focus on what I want to accomplish,” said Daniel. “Also getting the perspective of possible interview questions and topics.”

With help from CareerPlace, Daniel found a new career as the Managing Director at Nurse Power Services! Of his time at CareerPlace, Daniel said, “The men and women that provided the sessions and the coaching were all volunteers. I really appreciated the time and effort that they put into helping.” Congratulations, Daniel!