As they say: You Gotta Start Somewhere. When Ray Farrell came to CareerPlace to help him with his job search, he had just six connections on LinkedIn. Today, he has more than 1,600 connections!

This remarkable climb began after Ray walked through the doors at CareerPlace and began to narrow in on his next career move after being laid off from his job of more than two decades. “I didn’t know where to start. I was truly so shocked that I had no idea what I was going to do,” Ray said.

Building his social network was high on the agenda, and Ray found the LinkedIn workshops CareerPlace offers very helpful in developing and expanding his professional social network. In addition to LinkedIn, Ray also began working on using his professional network to help in his job search. He attended networking workshops and narrowed down his strategy. Of his experience with CareerPlace, he said: “CareerPlace was the match that started the bonfire.”

Ray scheduled meetings with various people from his network, and began landing interviews. While it wasn’t easy, the technique paid off, and now it’s the advice he would give others in his position: “Call everybody you know and tell them you’re unemployed!”

With an enormous professional network and a new position as an operations manager, Ray remains grateful to CareerPlace for helping him in his time of need.