At CareerPlace, we always say that it feels like a family, and for Nate Welsh, it was family that introduced him to the support he needed when searching for his next career. As a marketing professional, Nate navigated his career, finding success and upward mobility. Nate was unexpectedly laid off, but the timing couldn’t have been worse: he and his wife had just welcomed their first child.

“I had never been let go in my career, especially a week after having your first child, so it was scary,” Nate said, “I appreciated my wife’s aunt connecting me with CareerPlace. I had a network but I thought if she had a good experience in terms of helping me being able to identify certain aspects of getting back out there that I might be missing in terms of tips, networking, basically just resources of where I could improve my career path and what I could do to find a new opportunity.”

Even with a newborn at home, Nate took advantage of the workshops offered, including the resume workshop. At one of the workshops, he met another member who was in the same industry. They were able to connect on a peer level, trading tips and experiences. Another workshop that Nate enjoyed was StrengthsFinder, which is a personality assessment tool that Nate had never heard of before becoming a member at CareerPlace. In fact, during his job search Nate found temporary work at a law firm and found out that the firm used the tool with their own staff, so he quickly found common ground among his new coworkers.

In addition to the workshops, Nate was matched with Career Coach Jim Austgen who he described as a great sounding board in helping him move forward. One of the best takeaways Nate had in working with Jim was his breadth of human resources experience. “Someone like Jim who has been an HR leader for a number of years has seen it all and he can offer some really valuable insight into what someone on his side of the table might see that you wouldn’t get otherwise,” Nate said.

Just a few months after he was laid off, Nate found a new job as a marketing manager for an architectural firm. Congrats Nate!