For more than three decades, John Duszynski rose through the ranks of the same company, enjoying his work and building expertise. Unfortunately, his position was eliminated, and he found himself without a job and without the tools needed to successfully search for a new position.

John seemingly had all the right qualifications; a degree in mechanical engineering along with his decades of experience, but he was struggling to get back into the workforce. “That is why I felt I needed help,” John said. He attended the “New Careers Start Here” workshop at CareerPlace, and after meeting with CareerPlace Director Lenny Harris, said he “thought that they would be the right place for me.”

John quickly immersed himself into the workshop offerings, building his first (!) LinkedIn profile, crafting an elevator speech, and focused on growing his professional network. “There was so much information, I felt like I was taking a sip from a fire hose because the information was coming so fast,” John said.

John was matched with career coach Pete Pappas, who gave him some tough love when it came to the critique of his resume, which John noted, he developed in the way he was taught in college 35 years ago!

The mix of workshops and coaching proved to be just what John needed. Two months after joining CareerPlace, John found a new job as a maintenance manager at Weber Packaging Solutions, which was the same position he held before. John says, “I’m glad there are organizations like CareerPlace, because I needed to learn the modern skills for the job search.”

John also gives back; he was the featured speaker at CareerPlace’s Fall Family and Friends Night this past October, and helped inspire others.