Throughout Larry Weizeorick’s 28-year career at Tellabs, he advanced from a staff engineer to a senior principal engineer. Unfortunately, Tellabs downsized their workforce, and Larry’s job was affected by the mass layoffs.

Larry didn’t want to waste any time finding his next career! The first thing he did after being laid off was update his LinkedIn profile. Within just 24 hours, Larry was contacted by a recruiter who knew of a position that fit Larry’s expertise and work experience perfectly. The position was nearly filled, but Larry’s vast experience impressed the hiring manager so much that within a few days, Larry was asked to interview for the position!

“I had been working for 28 years, and now I had an interview in five days,” said Larry.

Larry hadn’t interviewed in nearly three decades and, with only a few days to prepare, he needed assistance fast! A friend of Larry’s recommended he go to CareerPlace for tips on how to ace his interview. Within a couple of days, Larry coordinated a two-hour personal interview preparation session with a CareerPlace Career Coach. As luck would have it, that very same day, CareerPlace was hosting its monthly interview seminar – just in time for Larry’s upcoming interview! After attending both sessions, Larry was prepared for his interview.

“The response time was amazing,” Larry said. “CareerPlace reacted so quickly that it allowed me a lot of time to practice beforehand. By the time I went to the interview, I felt very prepared. You want to present the best version of yourself and CareerPlace helps you do that.”

Larry’s interview preparation at CareerPlace led him to his new position as Senior Principal Engineer at Cambium!

Congratulations, Larry!

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